About Me

Hello Doll!

In the name of all things classy and fabulous, I write to you with chic tips and timeless tricks that will charm your wardrobe with purely elegant style at all times and for every occasion.

During my time, it was our job, as women, to simply sit and look pretty. However, in today’s society, our roles have become much more dynamic both at home and in the working world, and as the times have changed, so have I. Despite this slew of new priorities and obligations, who says style and grace should be forgotten?

I believe that style is something that should be a part of our every day lives- after all, the word “lifestyle” precisely commands high fashion. So, whether you’re spending a day running errands, at the office, in the gym or heading out for a night on the town, I’m here to help you effortlessly achieve the perfect look.

My blog will be your one-and-only source for fashion inspiration that’s versatilely professional, sexy and comfortable, ultimately creating an ever-sleek style; the Gibson Style.

Happy reading!

With love,
The Gibson Girl

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