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Behind the Styles

The vision of Gibson Styles is to provide clothing and accessories for the multi-tasking woman, just as the Gibson Girl fashion icons represented at the turn of the 19th century. On a mission to prove that woman can age gracefully without sacrificing fashion and style; best friends, Elise Nussbaumer and Gayle Klipping, have created this online boutique as an exclusive source for trendy, timeless and age-appropriate clothing.

The lives of these two Atlanta women have flourished over their 15-year friendship. Elise and Gayle are both mothers of two young children. They have become quite familiar with the ways in which having a family can change your body and your wardrobe preferences (who has time to work out, let alone keep up with the latest fashions!?). Despite the dynamics of their everyday lives, Elise and Gayle nevertheless crave fashions that complement their beautifully matured figures.

Gayle has always had a stylish intuition. As her fashion sense matured, she developed an eye for choosing age-appropriate clothing. Her gift of envisioning unique looks with authentic pieces helps encourage women to confidently dress outside of their comfort zones. Elise has a passion for business. In her previous role as a consultant, she was responsible for overseeing the growth and success of small businesses. While she did not begin with the strong fashion instinct that comes naturally to Gayle, Elise’s sense of style has likewise grown over the years from time spent with her trendier friend.

Gibson Styles is the product of Gayle’s chic flair partnered with Elise’s business savvy. They hope to provide women with exactly what they like to see in fashion, which are versatile pieces that can be worn comfortably for multiple occasions. Gibson Styles offers three different categories of clothing all at affordable prices. The Everyday Style line includes pieces that are fitting in a business casual work environment or suitable for a day out for lunch, shopping and even happy hour. The Athleisure line is designed to keep women stylish whether they’re running errands or at the gym. Last but not least, the Nightlife line features pieces that are a sexy yet classy option for the times when a woman just wants to let her hair down and hit the town!

Brought to you with all the ease and convenience of online shopping, Gibson Styles is the fashion source for boutique style designs that will undoubtedly bring the modern-day Gibson Girl out of all of us.

Get to Know the Gibson Girl

“Writers in the 1890s and early 1900s described the “New Woman” as an independent and often well-educated, young woman poised to enjoy a more visible and active role in the public arena than women of preceding generations. They agreed that the Gibson Girl represented the visual ideal of this new phenomenon. During her lengthy popularity, the Gibson Girl appeared in varied guises that highlighted her talents and interests as well as her beauty and social skills. As her star faded, the Gibson Girl’s active, vital persona paved the way for future icons.”


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