A Fashionable Plot Twist

Everyone loves a good plot twist, and in my opinion, a fashionable element of surprise is the best kind. The unexpected certainly has a way of capturing attention and turning heads, which is why it is such a dynamic approach to style. A fashion-forward plot twist can be considered anything that distinguishes a piece from other garments of a similar design. These unique qualities are most successful when used as a pivotal point in personal expression through your clothes. Feeling sweet? Try pieces adorned with light sparkles or dainty details such as embroidery. Looking to portray a bit of sassy flare? Incorporate an exclusive pop of red or small pair of heels into your ensemble. Personally, I think a tiny rebellious touch always speaks volumes, and what better way to awe the public eye than with a little fringe?

Fringe is an authentic touch that can instantly spice up an outfit, creating that desirable plot twist. The reason for this is that fringe can complement a myriad of garments in a manner that is pleasing different. Fringe is something that you may not see coming though cannot help but embrace. The trick to navigating the fringe trend this fall is to feature it sparingly. Remember, surprises are great, but too many can simply become overwhelming. Check out the Blue Fringe Top. The fringe detailing is a revelation that will characterize this moveably comfortable piece from any other top in your wardrobe.

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The Gibson Girl



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