Must-Have: Deja Vu Ring


Deja vu is a funny thing; truly an experience unlike any other. I like to think of deja vu as an unofficial and unexpected form of fortune telling. While there are many skeptics regarding the accuracy of the art of fortune telling, it’s difficult to question the particular feeling of having already experienced the present situation. Fortune tellers may alert you for what is to come. However, no matter when or where you “experienced” a specific situation, deja vu will not give you any advanced warning of the events that are about to unfold. In other words, deja vu has a habit of always showing up to the party fashionably late. Looking into my crystal ball, I’ve been inspired by the belated style of deja vu, and this #MustHaveMonday I see the Deja Vu Ring in your future.

In fashion form, I see deja vu has having a dark side with a bit of sparkle and shine. Due to the fact that deja vu often occurs in the moment, usually arriving unexpectedly, it has a sly and somewhat conniving side. Although, this blackish side is not always meant to be deceitful. Sometimes a little deja vu can bring glitzy excitement or a glimmering element of nostalgia. The Deja Vu Ring is a unique piece that captures all the distinct feelings of deja vu. It is a stylish twinkle of contrast. So, in the event you feel you’ve already been there done that, the second time around will surely be in style with this Deja Vu Ring.

Have a beautiful Monday!


Stay stylish,

The Gibson Girl




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