Must-Have: Mango Skinny Jeans


Apple reds are bold and lemon yellows are bright; and when these two fruity colors come together, they create the tangy blend of mango. Mango is a brilliant hue to work into your wardrobe because it is satisfyingly savory and as a result, makes a positive, long-lasting impression. They say elegance is not standing out but being remembered, which is exactly what this #MustHaveMonday is meant to do. Relish in these Mango Skinny Jeans and instantly leave your mark.

Skinny jeans are a classic wardrobe piece, but mango skinny jeans turn a simple design into a chic essential. The versatility of skinny jeans is what makes them so dynamic and we have seen them come in a rainbow of colors over the years. However, the trendy look of colored jeans is often modelled in soft pastel shades, which is why these Mango Skinny Jeans are so original. The trick to wearing pants in a stronger hue is to simplify the rest of your look. Try pairing your Mango Skinny Jeans with a plain top and subtle jewelry, such as the Fiona Necklace to complete your look.

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