Must-Have: Multi Print Shift Dress


There are many myths in the fashion industry and I think that is, perhaps, what makes it a bit intimidating. Don’t pair your primaries, don’t wear white pants before Memorial Day, don’t mix patterns; the list is a mile long. However, if you ask me, that list has one too many “don’ts.” When it comes to great fashion, I believe that “no” is simply a denial, and the stylish truth actually comes from how you choose to break the rules. This #MustHaveMonday disobeys the rules in all the right ways because the Multi Print Shift Dress is proof that mixing patterns is pleasing when done correctly.

Shift dresses are the perfect summer trend. Their loose fabric makes them an ideal choice when you’re on the go and is breezy for the warm weather. The flowy fabric is also what blends the different prints so nicely. The ease of this flowy fabric lets the small, intricate pattern accentuate the larger stripes naturally, whereas a tighter fit would make it look chaotic as it loses the illusion that movement creates. As a finishing touch, the black and white panel down the center of the Multi Print Shift Dress is a lovely pivotal point. It complements the detailed print on the sides, and is a chic color contrast to the pink and coral stripes.

Have a beautiful Monday!


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The Gibson Girl







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