Must-Have: Poetry in Motion Car Wash Skirt

Driving through a carwash is like watching a show – a fashion show. Each brush graces over your car with it’s own unique style. Some are long, some are short, some are accessorized by water and others are detailed with layers of soap suds. Personally, my favorite look is always the big, black wipers that dance across your windshield for the grand finale. They move with such purpose and rhythm; just like a model strutting down the catwalk. The Poetry in Motion Car Wash Skirt is this week’s #MustHaveMonday pick. Quite fittingly, it happens to be inspired by a splash of runway movement and my favorite carwash piece, encompassing how its smooth motions capture a unique, seemingly poetic, style.

The Poetry in Motion Car Wash Skirt is a classic black maxi skirt with a decorative twist. The soft layers of fabric will sway back and forth as you move, creating a beautiful masterpiece. This maxi is a great summer transformable piece for easy, breezy style by day, and swank sophistication by night. Since this skirt has so much movement, try pairing your Poetry in Motion Car Wash Skirt with fitted and tailored tops in order to fashion the perfect balanced in your look.

Have a beautiful Monday!

Stay stylish,
The Gibson Girl

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