Comfy, Cozy and Perfect for Fall

There’s something about fall fashion that is just so cozy. Perhaps it is the warm red, yellow and orange hues that have consumed the tree branches, or maybe it is the slight chill in autumn’s brisk air. Nonetheless, fall creates the perfect scene to wrap up in a comfy, oversized sweater and enjoy the picturesque ambiance. Many renditions of the classic sweater have been introduced this season. However, one of my favorite ways to work this look into my fall wardrobe is in the form of ponchos and capes.

The difference between ponchos and capes is that ponchos go over your head whereas capes are fastened in the front at the top of the garment. While ponchos and capes are worn in slightly different ways, their similar shape and style makes them equally as perfect fall fashions. In addition, the flowy structure of both ponchos and capes makes them great to layer over any basic top, another optimal style choice for fall.

The fall collection from Gibson Styles is currently featuring an assortment of ponchos and capes with something to suit all of your color, pattern and style cravings. The plaid poncho comes in a myriad of autumn inspired colors including: beige, red and navy. The plaid poncho is the perfect look for a Sunday at the cider mill or a mid-afternoon walk with the family. The camel woven cape is another great look for fall with a cut that is slightly more structured than the poncho, making it an ideal choice for lunch with friends or a date night. The loose design of both ponchos and capes is best complemented by pants such as leggings, skinny jeans or boot-cut trousers because of the balance they create for a fashionably appealing look.

Stay stylish,
The Gibson Girl

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