Inspiration: Black


When I think about  pulling together a classic look, my mind goes dark- literally. Black is a hue that contrasts so distinctly against any other color that it always makes a simple yet prominent statement. If you look back at some of fashion’s finest, you’ll surely notice that black is the basis for the most timeless designs.

Contrary to what some may think, black is always a stylish choice. Whether it be morning, noon or night, black pieces are a sleek choice that flatter any and all body types. The dark complexion of the color black introduces a refined look during the day, having the potential to pop more brightly than any other color against the mid-day sun. Then again, black transitions flawlessly from day to night as a tasteful look for any occasion. Additionally, one of the most unique things about a black ensemble is that it creates a blank canvas for you to dress up and completely personalize with fabulous accessories.

From the operate adventures of the Men in Black, to the melodical verses of Back in Black and the feminine styles of that little black dress, it’s undeniable that some of the greatest moves have been made in black. So, go classic in black this fall and try any one of these chic black pieces from Gibson Styles!


Stay stylish,

The Gibson Girl


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