Inspiration: Joggers


Fashion trends in the ‘90s were largely influenced by rugged looks and rebellious attitudes, which ultimately lead to the infamous grunge movement. This was certainly a bleak time for the Gibson Girls as class and grace were somewhat of an anti-fashion. However, they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, and now that the ‘90s are long behind us I’ve found inspiration in one particular stylistic detail. Do you remember those slouchy pants with elastic at the bottom? Well, a bit of revamping has taken that design and cinched it into the current trendy look of joggers.

Joggers are a retro fashion that puts a refined twist on the elastic bottom by cinching it for the same effect while capturing a simplistic yet professional appearance. As always, versatility is a pivotal point in great fashion, and joggers are no exception. Joggers can easily be made into a casual ensemble with a basic T-shirt, or contrarily, they can be turned into a more sophisticated outfit with a tailored sweater or blouse and light accessories.

Be aware of your footwear when styling your joggers. Avoid anything with laces and shoes that resemble a clog- joggers are about channeling your inner ‘90s girl, not recreating her. Instead, try the Atmosphere Black Velvet Joggers complemented by your favorite pair of sandals, flats or slip-ons for a chic, fashion-forward look.


Stay stylish,

The Gibson Girl



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