Inspiration: Khaki


They say that fashion trends are like boom-a-rangs; eventually they fade but usually return at one point or another. This week I am particularly inspired by a trend that was introduced about 40 years ago and is so classic that designers are reintroducing it in a variety of forms- here’s to the everlasting style of khaki!

Before you start to have bad flashbacks of your 8th grade school uniform, just hear me out. The neutral tone of Khaki creates a warm look that enriches nearly any hue. Khaki will elegantly frame your brights and gracefully complement your basics. Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and Chanel all embraced the look of khaki in their summer collections. These designers featured khaki in a myriad of ways from tailored pants, to military looks and even safari-inspired styles.

Dare to revamp this timeless trend and try Michelle’s Choice Slouch Ankle Pants in khaki. They are sophisticated yet comfortable pants that will take you wherever you need to go in style.


Stay stylish,

The Gibson Girl


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