Inspiration: Leather


Grace and class are the core of my personal style. So, naturally one might think that a Gibson Girl wouldn’t be seen wearing anything less than lacey pinks or silky whites. Well, that is actually contrary to the truth. In fact, when worn the right way, authentic menswear pieces and rebellious fabrics such as leather create a uniquely feminine look. This week’s fashion inspiration is all about taming the sometimes unruliness of leather.

 There is something about leather fabrics that eludes pure tenacity, while at the same time capturing a bit of a fashion mystery. Yet, this collision of grit and perplexity is exactly what gives leather its sleek and smooth qualities. Ultimately, these aspects are what make leather a classic fabric that can adapt to style in many different ways.

 You shouldn’t be intimidated by wearing leather, nor should you ever think twice about its potential to be elegant in the day or night- leather is always a good choice! Try this artistically delicate Trellis Bracelet for a sophisticated way to introduce leather into your everyday wardrobe.

Stay stylish,

The Gibson Girl


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