Inspiration: Resort Wear


When you think of resort wear, I bet a slew of yachts with vacationers dressed to the nines go sailing through your mind. Resort wear is a look that was created specifically to grace the scenes of luxury cruise decks and tropical beaches, while wealthy styllites sipped on fancy cocktails. However, as all timeless fashion goes, resort wear has been flawlessly redesigned. Now it’s possible to achieve all the class of this high-end look, without breaking the bank.

Resort wear made a big statement on the runways to kick off the summer season. Prominent designers such as Elie Saab and Alexander Lewis featured collections that took the signature clean-cut and precise detailing of traditional resort wear designs and gave them a modern twist.The inspiration of simple elegance, complements of designers such as Saab and Lewis, is influencing the majority of summer’s trends.

Who would have thought it’d be possible to look like a million bucks, without spending a million bucks? Check out this Resort Wear ensemble, a rendition from Gibson Styles. These polished yet comfortable pieces are a one-way ticket that will set sail your wardrobe to paradise.


Stay Stylish,

The Gibson Girl


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