Inspiration: Sheer


There’s just something about these fresh summer days that has my wardrobe craving light and airy fabrics. It may be the increasing heat bringing us this warm and sunny weather. Though perhaps it’s just the undeniable feeling of love in the air as the flowers begin to bloom, and the birds and the bees float, gracefully along the skyline. Whatever is sparking my latest inspiration, I’ve found that sheer fabrics do a great job of satisfying my stylish desires.

Sheer fabrics are the essence of spring and summer trends. The breezy and movable qualities sheer achieves allows it to naturally go with the flow, which eludes sheer functionality. The thin and nearly transparent make-up of this fabric creates a purely dainty look; chic by the sun, romantic by the moon and fashionably feminine all day long.

Don’t miss out on this classic, timeless and absolutely elegant trend! Try one of my favorites, the Let it Ride Knit Sheer Top, to get the look.

Stay stylish,

The Gibson Girl

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