Inspiration: The Tunic


This season has introduced a slew of timeless fashions. While the trendy qualities of these current fads are very unique, they also share one very important element- comfort. One of the greatest misconceptions about fashion is that in order to look stylish, one must forego all aspects of comfort. However, amidst the myriad of flowy kimonos and T-shirt dresses that have graced the runways, designers successfully adorned the industry with a whole new outlook. Lately, I’ve been inspired not only by the comfort but also versatility of tunics.

Tunics are made with a purposefully loose fit and typically fall mid-thigh in length. The moveable design is what makes tunic such a comfortable wardrobe selection. Also, the distinct length, which is a pleasingly balance between a basic shirt or short dress, allows tunics to be worn with a cozy pair of leggings or favorite pair of skinny jeans in a most classy fashion.

Ready to introduce the tunic to your closet? Check out this Sunflower Tunic. The wild print, semi-sheer fabric and ¾ sleeve design all make it an idyllic and essential piece for your summer style.


Stay stylish,

The Gibson Girl

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